Yorkshire bound for Booze and Crackpot

Here we go, first natural mountain bike ride for a couple of months. Been talking about a weekender with Chris, an ex colleage and fellow mtber for a while. Snowdonia was a comman theme, but in the end, Chris suggested a circuit of Swaledale, Yorkshire as detailed in a magazine. He also mentioned the Dales Bike Centre at Grinton as the obvious place to stay. So with about 2 seconds of thought, we booked up for this weekend.

I have been trying to train for this circuit, as my bike is currently in singlespeed mode; not ideal for any Dales ride, and the Peak District Hope Triple 8 circuit was a great start.  Similar gradients, abeit smaller hills were a challenge, but I did clean 2 of the 6, and rode significant portions of another 2. However, since then, I have suffered a little with the knee, but after some physio and Cannock Follow the Dog / Monkey Trail laps, I think I am just about ready.

The last couple of weeks, a little further planning has been done. After the Dales Bike Centre suggested few singlespeed compatible circuits, we have decided on the southern loop of the Booze and Crackpot round of Swaledale, possibly extending to the northern loop if legs, backs and cake supplies allow.  Of particular interest to me will be my recent conversion to flat pedals; hopefully a little caution and my 661 pads will get me down in one piece...

We'll be leaving the Midlands this evening, and hopefully dining at the Bridge Inn, Grinton this evening. Returning Sunday afternoon, with the non biking gaps filled with some photography, and beer drinking - well, we do have to rehydrate!!

Pics and report to follow...

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