Update on knee

Well, phase 2 of my knee test started today.

Test methodology: attempt roughly half of the Edale skyline.

Hypothesis: my knee will work fine, no probs. Today the peaks, tomorrow the world, well several Wainwrights at least.

Observations: 1 nasty car crash, and early morning vista of clag covered tops, a beautiful day with bucket loads of sun and cooling winds at just the right time. Oh and some crazy remote control kite things. V. cool.

Write up: started from Castleton, and today chose my scarpa sl and gaiters. Had enough of fell running shoes until spring now.

My route started by popping over Hollins cross and back down to Edale. Then having had a chat with some mtbers, I started the scramble up Grindsbrook Clough. Maybe I was a little silly trying this kind of stuff, especially when I slipped on a slimy rock and ended up hugging a rock for dear life - I nearly ended up in the stream. At the top I turned left and had lunch on Crowden Tower. Nice M&S ham and cheese sarnies!

Now, with the bad weather of recent, my heart rate started to increase as I came to my peat bog nemesis - Brown Knoll. Recollections of being thick down in methane releasing bog and the sight of three lads with peat up to their knees didn't help, and I did think several times about chickening out and descending Jacob's Ladder.

But now, the plan was set and I continued over the knoll. It wasn't too bad up to the trig point but the ground was bad thereafter. Especially dodgy was one horizontal grough that was deceiving - normally vegetation means safe ground, but this grough had much grass yet wouldn't take my weight. Luckily, I had been cautious and only put one foot down. As soon as I realised, the foot was out, and I retreated. I succeeded in beating the grough via a little run up and 5ft jump. Again, maybe stupid with the knee but hell, I don't like peat.

Once the knoll was complete, the simple but tiring walk over Rushup edge then down the broken road to Castleton concluded a great walking day.

Conclusion 1: I felt no knee pain despite my rough calculations of 13.5 miles and 775 metres of ascent. I think the knee might be on it's way to classification of fit for purpose.

Conclusion 2: My scarpas didn't rub my ankle despite the physio foam donuts i normally wear in them.

Conclusion 3: I love getting to the car 5 minutes before a heavy downpour. It means I planned the walk perfectly ;)

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