Snowdon training prep - done!!!

Well, what a wonderful weekend. Sun didn't stop shining and worst weather related problem was the air conditioning failing on my car when driving to Snowdonia - must get it recharged. Anyhow, plan for the weekend was to scoot over to Caernarfon Friday afternoon and have a go at Snowdon Saturday.

It would be rude to drive through Betws-y-Coed without doing a little outdoors shopping, and I surprised myself by only coming away with a Mountain Hardware shirt. The drive then across the A5 cheered us up - only a little snow was left on Snowdon so all looked good for Saturday. We rounded the day off with a pleasant meal in Caernarfon and an early night.

Yachts in Doc Fictoria, Caernarfon

Saturday morning, we fueled up at Macdonalds, then drove over to Llamberis parking right at the foot of Snowdon. Think we got the last spot in the car park. Then was started the walk. It was real hot, and I always struggle in the heat. Sure enough, by the half way house, I was pleased with my choice of shorts and short sleeved t-shirt given the mocking I had all morning.

A quick stop at the Halfway House for more water, and we continued to climb eventually reaching snow level at the higher tunnel under the railway. The snow was easily overcome, or sidestepped; I wish I had tried my fell running shoes for the first time this year. Before we summited, we found amusement at how people were tackling the icy shoot between the plateau and the top of the Pyg Track - mainly on their bottoms.

People slidding down to descend Pyg Track / Miner's Path

We summited about 13:00 and dropped over the other side of the hill towards the Snowdon Rangers path to find some tranquility to enjoy lunch. It really did feel like summer, even at the top.

We then returned over the summit, but as we dropped past the new building, we saw a search and rescue helicopter hovering above Crib Goch. We feared the worst, but speculated that it would be OK - the helicopter seemed to be right over the ridge rather than to a side - and thus a fall. Unfortunately, Sunday morning we learned that a guy had a suspected heart attack - our sympathies go out to his family and friends. A little subdued, we continued the descent which went pretty quickly and uneventfully.

Tree on Snowdon

On arrival at Llamberis, we quickly dispatched ice creams and drove back to Caernarfon for a MASSIVE chinese banquet. I am sure we undid all the good work done, but it was worth it.

Log above river

Sunday morning saw a more leisurely walk along the Afon Llugwy to Swallow Falls from Betws-y-Coed. I must be getting better as I entered Cotswold Outdoors and I didn't even buy anything!!! The weekend was rounded off with burger and chips at a pub in the village. All in all, a great weekend though we must surely pay for the great weather with some rain...

Tributary of Afon Llugwy

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