Photography at Cannock Chase.

{% flickr_image 8057491572 b %}

I couldn't last another weekend without a walk so went over to Cannock Chase
with Dazmo from work. Yesterday, I brought a
tripod so my excuse for going to the Chase was to try the tripod in a panoramic
style. So we started out by Milford and walked along Abraham's Valley then
across the moorland to Sherbrook Valley. As we got there I tried the tripod for
my first panorama, which I am fairly happy with.

Anyhow a few more pictures latter, we complete the walk back over the stepping
stones and towards car park. This was the first walk since my previous Scarpa
boot catastrophe and my ankle is still hurting a bit. Its also inflamed.
However, I think I will be able to do a bit longer walker next week. Maybe even
a hill!!!

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