Lakes catchup

Right, once again, apologies for not blogging recently. Just been too busy. So what have I been doing recently?

Firstly, me and the missus camped in Wasdale at the beginning of April to celebrate our first year together. We drove up Friday evening and pitched the tents at Church Stile / Nether Wasdale. Saturday, I introduced 'her outside' to Lakeland mountain biking over Windemere way. She now respects even smaller Lakeland hills. Tough day, but dinner in the Screes warmed us enough to get through a very cold night. 

Sunday was meant to see an easy walk up and over the screes. The first parts - uphill and accorss the top were and we decended on the far side of Wastwater by about 2. However, the return screeful (is that a word?) leg along Wastwater was an education on why to never underestimate cumbrian 'footpaths'. 2 hours later after only maybe 3 miles, and we finally got back to camp about 7. We were shattered, and I was sunburnt. However, after some camp cooked pasta, we were up for a pint or 3 in the screes again. Nice. 

Good weekend.

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