How to organize my Flickr photos

Well, here's a post about photography but with no photos... I am currently thinking about how to organise my Flickr account to acheive two goals:

1) To support my blog's stories about hill walking, wildcamping etc.

2) To showcase my hopefully improving photographic skills.

The problem is that often, these goals are at odds....

To fulfil a showcase, I should only publish photos that I believe to be both technically good, and also aesthetically pleasing. The problem with this is that for example, during my recent weekend in Snowdonia, only 5 or six photos taken met these characteristics.

Now, on the other hand, to support my hill walking posts, I often want to upload most photos from a day. Even if I don't embed the photos in a post, I would probably be best to link to a Flickr collection at the bottom of the post. Now, many of these photos are only snaps, sometimes only from the iPhone, in the midday sun with little thought to photography.

Oh hum, maybe another glass of wine and a sleep will shed some light on this problem...

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