Forthcoming 'year of camps' starts this weekend

After a bit of outdoors laziness of recent, this weekend I am going to kick start 2009 with a 25 miler in the Lakes split over this Saturday and Sunday. My single NY resolution this year is to do a 25+ miler once a month, every month.

I have booked next Monday off work, and am partially copying Bearded Git's walk from a couple of years ago.

Friday night will see me camp at Sykeside to acclimatize to Winter camping. A hopefully faff-free morning will see me leave early to walk over Beda fell and onto the north end of High Street. A bit of wandering up High Street to Swarthbeck will hopefully find me a nice rest spot.

After an obviously quiet and good nights sleep (yeah right!), a Wayfayer's bean and bacon breakie will power me on up High Street, past High Raise but only to The Knott. Here, weather permitting, I reckon a nice sit down to emerge myself further into nature will allow me my first Golden Eagle viewing (yeah right!!). Then my well rehearsed descent past Satura Crag will dump me at Angle Tarn for my third and final trip camp.

Monday morning will see the easy descent down Hayeswater Gill and back to the campsite to pack the trusty Volvo and a journey back home via the effortless, flowing M6 (yeah right!!! (Promise thats my last yeah right (yeah right!!!!)).

My biggest current concern is how, and whether I can get all my intended kit into my Deuter 32l sack. I failed when I tried last weekend, so I am revising kit list to see whether there is anything I don't need, and figure whether i can pack it a little more intelligently. Um...

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