blogging cuz I can’t walk

Its a Tuesday, and I am on holiday for the week. That means I should have been in Wales, Shropshire or the Peak District today. But I am not. I have been nerding at home for the longest period during the last couple of years.

The reason for this is that I have hurt my ankle. How? I brought some new walking boots a couple of weeks ago and listened carefully to the guy who fitted and sold me the new Scarpa SLs. He told me that the boots would need wearing in, so start of with a short walk (well actually first two weeks in the home) and build up to decent lengths over a few weeks. Only a fool would start out with a 15 + mile walk.

So off I went with the virgin boots, for a 16 miles yomp around Shropshire from Long Mynd to the Stiperstones. Jeez, I must be tuff, feet are fine. So a couple of days later I went for a more sensible 8 miler around Waun
. Don't know what changed but about
a mile below the summit, my outer right ankle started rubbing and hurting.

I made the summit and got down having changed socks, applied plasters etc etc but still the ankle hurt. 10 days later and I am still unable to wear a pair of boots without pain. And I am now in the middle of a weeks holiday originally
destined for a few day Lakeland wonder.

So instead, I have created this, my first real attempt at a blog to record my forthcoming peak bagging attempts and software development capers.

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