Blog move

For a while, I've been procrastinating over blogging, primarily due the yak shaving involved in choosing, and transferring my blogs over to a better blogging platform.

Whilst Wordpress is okay, I've always felt constrained by it's hosting solution. I've become more and more frustrated by the inability to edit themes on their free tier. This was particularly frustrating as the themes I've used tended to hide hyperlinks by choosing subtle colour differences to plain text. Without paying, I couldn't fix these daft issues.

I then tried, and transfered Walking with Williams and The Photographic Me to Octopress/Jekyll. I liked this solution; especially my ability to edit posts in markdown using Vim. However, it also meant naming files particularly, ensuring metadata was set in text files correctly etc. This effort often preventing my from getting blog posts out.

Now, I've chosen - another open source blogging platform and will be transferring content and comments as quickly as I can. It's combination of simple hosting, markdown editing and stylish simple themes seem to tick all the boxes. Let's see how it goes...

Jason Underhill and I will be attempting the Edale Skyline again this weekend so I promise to blog about it. Weather permitting, I'll try to take the DSLR so will hopefully be able to get some nice golden hour pictures if the sun every turns up.

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