(Back again) again

Once again, its been a while, no posts since May apparently. This time, there has been 2 real reasons for this:

1) I am lazy. I couldn't be bothered to activate a blog spam plugin, which prevented my current 200+ comment spams per day. These made maintaining the site just undoable. However, i sorted it tonight + deleted 15000 spams!!! yah!!!

2) I have got myself a girlfriend, and just haven't had the time (and I'll admit feeling a little geeky about blogging about my walks)....

Anyhow, since May, I have been walking a lot, most weekends infact, although the intensity of walks has calmed down a bit. Haven't done many 10+ miles although I did my first wildcamp, when I walked from Windermere over High Street, camped at Angle Tarn, then walked Striding Edge to Helvelyn, then south back to Windermere. Excellent, yet totally knackering weekend.

Also did some of Cadair Idris a month ago or so, but came back with a stomach bug. We had camped in a quagmoir / campsite at the bottom of the mountain, and ended up having to be towed out by the farmer, as it was just TOO muddy. Have had the stomach bug for a few weeks, so failed to make my 2nd wildcamp, nor a nice couple of days for the missus' birthday.

Now, my mind is firmly onto the challenge of upping the walking effort, especially through the winter - I love winter!!!

Tomorrow night, I will be planning a simple peakland walk, probably Dovedale, with sandwiches in the cave at the end;) Then, Saturday I have a real challenge...

I want to do a 3 day backpack similar to what I read in last months Trail. I want to get the train upto Ravenglass, then walk or take the steam train upto to Boot / Eskdale. Then walk up Eskdale camping probably around Three Tarns. Then over to the Langdale Pikes and onto the Helvelyn Ridge the next day, probably wildcamping around Red Tarn or Grisedale. Final day will be a walk up over Highstreet and onto northern Ulswater where hopefully a bus will take me to Penrith. Not a simple walk, and need to do some training, but at least my knee seems to be ok these days!!! Big up Simon Moyes for that!!

Taken some nice photos recently around my old stomping grounds of Church Stretton and Peakland, but my ruddy Flickr pro account has expired. Will renew after payday and do some big uploading.

Right, off to the trusty OS maps....

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