Alport Castles from Fairholmes

It's been a while. A while since I've blogged about walking that is. And well, it's mainly because it's been a while since I've hill walked. I've been doing lot's of local walks recently, but yesterday was my first hill of the year.

B & W Gate near the top of the wood above Fairholmes

Wood near Derwent Reservoir

The plan this year is for a decent Peak District or similar walk every other week, and yesterday Cheryl and I walked from the Fairholmes car park on the edge of the Derwent Reservoir up to Alport Castles - my first time to the Castles and my first time walking up this side of the reservoir. It was a really pleasant day. Yeah, it rained at the stop, and just after lunch, but it wasn't too warm or cold, and the varying weather made for great photos. Being our first hill walk for a while, we deliberately kept the miles low but were fine at the end.

The highlight of the day for me was seeing the water fall over both dams on the reservoir. The sound was impressive, and I was hoping to try some slow shutter speed photography, but I had forgotten my ND filters and there was just too much light for this. The walk along the eastern shores was much more interesting than the other side, with lots of interest; waterfalls, still ponds and old village ruins. We agreed that we must revisit in April to see the rhododendrons blossom.

Sun behind cloud

The walk up from the reservoir to the castles wasn't too bad, and we enjoyed sandwiches on the edge, looking over the next valley. Even spotted some wildcampers in the valley below, though at midday, this was a little late to strike pitch!

I've uploaded some photos from the day, and promise to both hill walk, and update this site more frequently. I promise!!!

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