A sunny walk from Grasmere

As some will know, I booked a couple of days off work this week to go upto the Lake District. The purpose was some rest (yeah right), relaxation (equally not) and testing the knee by doing a bike ride, and an easy walk. After doing my back last Friday, I nearly cancelled the B&B accommodation (Dunmail House - V Good). Luckily, I didn't and my back has eased greatly.

Had a bit of lie in yesterday morning, with breckie at 08.30. Yum. Then a quick drive upto Keswick to 1) see whether my boots can be altered to stop the ankle rubbing, and 2) buy some gaiters. First goal failed miserably, but I did get some rather spiffy black Rab gaiters - looked good.

Adorned in the new gear, I left the B&B proper, at about 11:00, with the intention of walking up Helm Crag and back down again. Didn't want to push the knee too much. However, at the top, I thought I saw a path maybe a mile or so along the ridge back down to Far Easedale Gill. So off I went. A mile came and went, and nearly before I knew it, I was at the Tarn at then end of the ridge.

Now, this meant I had broken two rules - 1) I hadn't told anyone of my change of route, and 2) this excursion was off the western edge of my map. Great, no map, and the worrying prospect of falling clag.

Luckily, I had finished the high level stuff, and easily found the path down, into the valley, and the technical though fairly easy walking continued back to Grasmere. Some lovely scenery, with my favourite (waterfalls) providing some distraction.

The one funny bit of the walk really was when completing the valley section - although the temperature was probably around 7 degrees, the sun was on my back. With my physical effort, I got warm, and ended up taking my Paramo Fuera off, just just had a merino base layer on. I was still too hot, but might have been arrested if I revealed my beer belly to the world!!!

In the end, I covered the 8 miles in about 4.5 hours, and though I was aware of my knee, it didn't not hurt, of even register slight discomfort.

Was intending to ride the mtb today, but the weather was so poor that I chickened out, and came back home early. Glad I had already discounted the possibility of a wildcamp around Easedale Tarn tonight!!

At least, I feel like a walker again, and here are the photos to prove it.

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