1/2 Edale Skyline attempt

Had a great day in Edale with Cheryl and the pre sister / brother-in-laws (coach trip quote if anyone is sad enough to watch it -no? just me..) . We tried to do a 10 miler  a couple of weeks ago, but the foot of snow put paid to that - tough walking and a possible scary descent of jacob's ladder proved too much. So today, we set the matter straight with an attack on 1/2 of the Edale Skyline. The plan: Edale > Hollins Cross > Lose Hill > Hope Cross > Crookstone Knoll > Ringing Roger > Edale.

Now, I got a little ribbing today about my optimistic choice of shorts and a short sleeve shirt; it might be too cold and 'what are those pieces of string hanging out of my shorts' (i.e. my legs...). I had my doubts about the choice early morning, mist and only 4 degrees in the car, and this remaining 1/2 way up the M1. Luckily, approaching Chesterfield, BBC weathers predictions came true, and the car's thermometer rose to 10 degrees.

Arriving in Edale at about 10:30, we luckily managed to find a prime lay-by parking space only 100 metres out of the village car park. A quick change of clothes and we ascending Hollin's Cross, and then Lose Hill. All fairly pleasent, and we enjoyed watching the nutters fell runners competing in some kind of race. We particularly enjoyed one guy appearing to totally cut a corner, not sure whether this was allowed though he did it right in front of a marshall...The descent of Lose Hill was quick and pain free with the mandatory M&S sarnies half way down. Cheers for the pork pies Steve!!!

[caption id="attachment_174" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Edge of Kinder Scout from Crookstone Knoll"]Edge of Kinder Scout from Crookstone Knoll[/caption]

We then started our second hill of the day skirting Win Hill, ascending the roman road to Hope Cross we got our muscles warmed up again for the hard pull up Crookstone Knoll. A few people on rock photos and Percy Pigs refueled us for the 'flat' walk along the edge to Ringing Roger. Now, by this time, I was happy to see some cloud come in. Firstly, this cooled things down (see, the shorts were a good idea..) and secondly, they reduced the glare from a powerful sun and brought interest to some moody moorland photos. Played for the first time with my stronger grad filter. Maybe OTT for strength but I enjoyed a couple of photos.

[caption id="attachment_175" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Strange light over the vale of Edale from Ringing Roger"]Strange light over the vale of Edale from Ringing Roger[/caption]

Finally, we descended Ringing Roger, avoided any pubs in Edale and returned to the car by about 17:00. A tough day - tougher than the nominal 10.3 miles (10.2 if it wasn't for a 'navigational occurrence' by me) with > 600 metres; not bad for the peak district.

[caption id="attachment_176" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Steve was obviously getting excited about the prospect of beer in Edale ;)"][/caption]

Even managed a Toby Carvery for dinner, turkey, yorkies and a pint of Bulmers. Nice.

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